Seville, a Commitment to Sustainability

Seville, a Commitment to Sustainability

The commitment of Seville to sustainability is reflected in its citizens’ everyday life, the data speak by themselves, and currently the capital of Seville is counting with more than 70,000 bike travels into the inner city which represents nearly a 10% increase over 2009.

These data, reflected in the last survey of the “integrated system for the bicycle at the University of Seville (SIBUS)”, show that bike trips represent almost 9% of the travels realized by mechanized vehicles.

This commitment of Seville and the “best practices” of social responsibility for sustainability and accessibility help to minimize the negative impact generated by ordinary means of transport.

The 70,000 daily trips made by Bicycle are supposed to reduce the emissions that are harmful to the atmosphere of almost 90,000 Tm of CO₂ or, what is the same, 25,000 crude barrels per year, equivalent to about two million Euros per year in petroleum imports.

The evolution in the last 6 years has been more than significant and with the effort made by the government we have gone from having just 12 km bike lane in 2006 to the present 120 km fully enabled.

The role of the bike rental for the public has been vital to raise awareness and give support to the users. This service offered by SEVICI, counts nowadays with more than 265 bike stations, more than 2500 vehicles and around 6000 places of private parks, put at the daily disposal of our users.

In the spirit of respecting the passerby and our environment, the use of the bike and of the service offered by Sevici has moved from beeing an alternative way of urban transport to become a fundamental choice for citizens and visitors. This choice shows the commitment of Seville and the sevillians with their wonderful environment, changing it into a more sustainable and accessible enclave and preserving his resources for the future generations.
The Sevilla Congress & Convention Bureau proposes tours and rides for the organizers of events in Seville, in a formula that combines both a different way of visiting Seville and a sustainable enjoyment of the environment.
All these actions are endorsed with a recent study made by the Virtual website, which provides a global ranking of the top ten cities with the most favorable conditions to be visited by bike. In this ranking, Seville appears in a distinguished fourth place. This study was published in an article dated the 11th of last May by Reuters,

The Seville Congress & Convention Bureau is part of the Iberian Chapter GMIC, Green Meetings Industry Council, advocating for sustainable practices in the development of events in Seville and its province