Granada hosts the Green Med Forum, focused on Mediterranean horticultural and olive oil production.

3-Granada-Foto-1-Green-Med-Forum_lowGranada Conference & Exhibition Centre hosted from 21 to 23 November, the V Green Med Forum, an international gathering that centers on the economy and production of olive oil, fruit and vegetable production in the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

The event has been held every year since 2008 in a different country and is organized by Green Med Journal magazine, with sponsorship from major international and national organisms. The previous editions of the Forum, always organized in locations featuring a harbour, took place in Koper-Slovenia-Egito Alexandria, Rome and Tunis.

There are many factors that have tipped the balance in favor of Granada. First, it has been decisive the clear commitment of the Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Enterprises, FAECA-AC Granada to  this initiative, and finally the host organization of the event.

For the election of the venue the following factors have been crucial: the diversity and professionalism of its associated agribusiness cooperatives, the variety and quality of products, not only in Granada, but in Andalusia, the export-oriented nature of their companies, along with the proximity and support of the Port of Motril, ensuring  high quality logistics and international connections.

The choice of Andalusia, one of the strongest horticultural regions of Europe and the world’s first olive region, comes at a particularly difficult time in Europe, which requires significant support and promotion of these products, an essential component of its local economy. Therefore, the Forum seeks to highlight, at this challenging moment, the importance of Spain and Andalusia in the European and Mediterranean agricultural scenario.

The organizers have appreciated the appeal of Granada, site of the most visited monument in Spain, The Alhambra, which certainly contributed to the success of the event which gathered over 500 participants.