BALUARTE:Certification BioSphere in Sustainability

BALUARTE:Certification BioSphere in Sustainability

The Auditorium and Congress Center of Navarre, Baluarte, has been awarded the Certification BioSphere in Sustainability. BioSphere recognition is given by the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), an Institution recognized by UNESCO for its development of Responsible Tourism all over the world.

Baluarte Congress center has structured its process in five main areas: Environmental Management, Sustainable Development of the Center, Sustainable Development of the Destination (Pamplona), Integration in Cultural Environment and Relationship with Similar Centers. The auditing process has been completed during the month of April after one year of work in developing the Sustainable Codes, Policies, Plans and Tracking Systems, that will be reviewed on a yearly basis for Recertification purposes.


Some examples of the actions included in the multi-year plan can be: Improvements over existing energy-efficiency programs that have reduced electricity and gas consumption in 45,1% and 36,5% over the last seven years, carbon footprint calculation per event, reduction of luminous pollution, improved HR policies for evaluation of training, satisfaction and overall Company perception by employees, sustainable criteria in purchasing processes, usage and promotion within the center of urban sustainable mobility (Bikes, electric cars and public transportation) or KM-0 and season products usage in catering and restaurant services, to name but a few.

With this new recognition, Baluarte aims at improving the good practices developed around the ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 Certifications, already in place for several years, and meeting the growing requirements of sustainability demanded by national and international meeting planners.