CCIB DISCLOSES it’s third Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

CCIB DISCLOSES it’s third Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

The Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) presented its third Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR), which corresponds to the Centre’s activities during 2013, which represent the most outstanding repercussions in the sustainability matter and the mechanisms employed to properly manage them.

The major novelty of this third edition is that it follows the parameters stipulated by the G4 Guide of the Global Reporting Initiative. This new guide emphasizes the material aspects, which means, the questions which the interest groups (customers, suppliers, administration, institutions, etc.) consider to be the most important within the organisation.

Accordingly, the CCIB General Manager, Marc Rodríguez affirms that “in order to write up the report according to the new G4 Guide of the Global Reporting Initiative, comprehensive preliminary work was carried out with all the interested parties with the aim to determine the specific topics which the interest groups consider to be the most important and relevant for our convention center”.

The CCIB is the first Spanish company in the Tourism sector to prepare its CSR Report with the G4 Guide, and it is also among the sole 10 companies in the sector which have done this at the international level. This ranks the Barcelona conference venue as a pioneer and ratifies its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Marc Rodríguez added that “in 2013, the CCIB continued its commitment to socially responsible corporate management. Among other milestones, we have achieved reduced energy consumption per participant, improvements in waste segregation, and an increase in the number of purchases from local suppliers, the staff’s stability and the consolidation of social action by means of collaboration agreements”. 

The CCIB CSR Report highlights that in 2013, energy consumption dropped 20% in comparison with last year, which fell from 33 kWh/delegate to 24.74 kWh/delegate. Likewise, the Centre installed a wind turbine with 1 kW power which permitted CCIB to possess its own renewable power source.

At the employment level, the CCIB has consolidated its staff of 65 employees; the majority has over 5 years of seniority. The objectives for 2014 include maintaining the entire team and increasing awareness about the prevention of labour risks both internally as well as among customers and suppliers.

In line with its social responsibility policy, the CCIB has made a commitment to use local suppliers, where 97% are from the city of Barcelona or the Metropolitan area. Likewise, CCIB involves its suppliers so that they also follow this policy and collaborate with local third party companies or hire persons from social groups with difficulties to access the job market.

To prepare the CSR Report, the CCIB relied on expert advice from Lavola, a services company for integral sustainability, which accompanies and assists their customers to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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