Festival IN brings together Creative Industries in Lisbon

Festival IN brings together Creative Industries in Lisbon


The biggest event of Innovation and Creativity held in Iberian Peninsula returns this year to promote what is best made in Portugal in the field of Creative Industries. Festival IN runs from 23 to 26 April, in Lisbon, and its main theme is “Network Society”.

The main goal of the second edition of Festival IN is to connect different networks into a global one.

Conceived as an inclusive platform of training, promotion and internationalization of cultural and creative industries, Festival IN is a unique event that concentrates activities, ideas and innovative products, while promoting their creators and entrepreneurs.

During the event, economic players, artists, entrepreneurs, companies and startups will have the opportunity to be in touch with decision-makers of global networks, in order to create synergies.

Festival IN aims to enable all stakeholders to join high-potential networks, already in place, in order to add value and build real and virtual situations. The access to international networks leads to innovation in products, procedures, organizations, marketing and internationalization, as well as to potentiate auto-financing procedures or smart finance.