Promotional Campaign “Girona 10”

Promotional Campaign “Girona 10”

During 3 days Girona will showcase hotel rooms, restaurant menus, cultural activities, events and shows for the price of 10 Euros. This edition inaugurates a night visit to the Cathedral.

In the course of 23rd, 24th, 25th January 2015, Girona hosts the fourth edition of the promotional campaign “Girona10” in the hotel rooms, restaurant menus, cultural activities and events which are offered for a price of 10 Euros each.


The campaign released just before the start period of congresses and it promotes the cultural and leisure activities which are very interesting for the incentive programs of congresses held in the city. The 2015 campaign edition, introduces new cultural activities like the night visit to the Girona Cathedral, an unprecedented activity as never before anyone has been able to enter the cathedral at night.

The night tour of the Cathedral will allow visitors to discover the symbolic temple of the city in a special way. The essence of the visit will be represented with the presence of fire in several prominent areas that show the unknown jewels of the Cathedral. We believe this is a wonderful activity to provide to our delegates.

These days Girona becomes a showcase of cultural and leisure activities that belongs to the city during the whole year but in an unbeatable prices for 3 days. This is a perfect exhibition for those who want to know the incentive activities relating to any conference or event that wants to be celebrated in the city.

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