ECOC 2015 Makes Valencia world capital of Optical Telecomunications

14. F Val ECOC6

The 41st Edition of the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2015) finished last Thursday in Feria Valencia after five days during where almost 5000 professional attendees from all over the world have visited the fairgrounds.

ECOC is the most relevant and attendance conference in Europe in the industry of technologies, devices and systems of optical communications. With an economic impact of almost 10 million euros, ECOC started on Sunday 27th of September and the event has taken place in the Convention& Exhibition Centre, Pavilion 5 and Level 2 Pavilion 1 of Feria Valencia.

During the meeting knowledge and advanced developments in the field of communications by fiber optic and photonic technologies have been updated. Thus, new advances in the use of optical communications for transmission at speeds of Petatbitseg, interconnection of centers of data, network virtualization, the future mobile communications 5 G and Internet support, as well as the latest proposals on technologies of fibres of very low loss and photonic chips have become known.

The conference has gathered Presidents and General Manager of the most important companies in the communications industry from all over the world as well as the most relevant international scientists.

During the whole week more than 400 papers of important impact and over 30 lectures have been presented. In addition, the latest technological proposals from more than 300 exhibitors have been exposed.

ECOC 2015 has been organised by the ITEAM Research Institute and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Spain has hosted this event three times, the last time as was in Madrid 1998. A unique event which has transformed Valencia into an international meeting point of the optical communications.