Protagonism in social networks

FOTO EDITORIAL 1. Integrantes de la nueva Junta Directiva del Capítulo Ibérico de ICCA

One of the objectives set out by the new board at the ICCA Iberian Chapter, to improve its communications via the social networks, is starting to happen thanks to an agreement with IDEANTO, a company that specializes in digital communications and social networks. It will reinforce the chapter’s standing in the networks (Facebook and Twitter) and measure the efficacy of the communications, as well as producing a report on the chapter’s positioning and following on the social networks.

A company with a youthful spirit and plenty of talent, IDEANTO is continually inventing new communications solutions through existing tools or developing new ones to achieve its goals. It has already had major successes with well known clients such as Telefónica, Vincci Hoteles, Hospital Quirón, Pixel Farm and Málaga City Hall, among others.

Another project that is moving forward is an improvement in training activities, specifically those carried out to create greater participation and to make the formats more efficient, along the lines of Meeting Design. Also, that the contents are more profitable when it comes to winning new business. That’s to say they have a short to long term ROI, taking into account that the Chapter has a broad mix of associates. Some are old hands with much experience and others younger, and there is a need to focus on training for each type with distinct guidelines and specific sessions. In short, the aim is to make the meetings more useful so that members get more advantages from belonging to the Chapter and, therefore, making it easier to attract new ones, especially in those segments of the industry that are currently under represented.