The CCIB releases its fourth corporate social responsability report

The Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) presents its fourth Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report which corresponds to the Centre’s activity throughout 2014. During this year, not only did the number of events hosted by the venue increase (to a total of 113) along with the indirect economic impact this had on the city (€ 242.8 million), but responsible practices continued to be strengthened for managing sustainability, the workforce and their relationship with their surroundings.

In this sense, the CCIB Managing Director, Marc Rodríguez states: “In the current economic situation, we are proud to contribute to generating local wealth as a result of the indirect economic impact of the delegates, the increase in purchases for local suppliers and the growth of our workforce”.

This growth has been brought about primarily by the inclusion of the company Diagonal Food to the CCIB Business Group.

Rodríguez confirms: “The increase in the number of events organized (10.8%) and of delegates (18.5%), as well as the diversification of the type of events with the organization of the first sports event to take place in our facilities (the ISU Grand Prix figure skating finals), endorses the CCIB as a modern, functional and versatile convention centre capable of satisfying new client requirements, and adapting to the needs of the market”.

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Social and Environmental Commitment

For the third consecutive year, the CCIB has achieved a reduction in energy consumption per delegate, thanks mainly to the involvement of the entire team. As such, the average consumption per delegate was 21.21 kWh, which is a reduction of 14% from the previous year. Following their policy of boosting renewable energy sources, five solar panels with 1.25 kW of power were installed in 2014, to accompany the 1 kW wind turbine that was installed in 2013. Allocations in the budget have also been increased for waste, treatment of emissions and restoration costs (27.4%), and prevention and environmental management costs (56.9%).

In terms of staffing, the CCIB has established a fixed workforce of 71 employees (9.2% more than in 2013), with an additional 10 temporary roles. The young age of the team working at the centre is also worthy of note: 90% of the staff falls within the age bracket of 26 to 45 years old. The CSR Report also includes the results achieved by policies aimed at enhancing training and professional development, as well as increasing awareness with regard to health and safety in the workplace, both internally and between clients and suppliers.